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In this very specific health context, the mission of including people who can have difficulties to access the culture through music carried by the Ballade association is more necessary than ever. Indeed, according to UNESCO, the repercussions of the health crisis due to Covid-19 are social and economic, affecting the fundamental right of access to culture. In order to allow access to culture for all, (including children and young people with fewer opportunities, women, refugees, people on the street, suburban audiences and Travelers’ areas) and to share our cultures by playing together, we are launching a Crowdfunding campaign which will allow us to buy new musical instruments. These instruments will then be loaned to people participating in our music workshops whether they are online (as now, during confinement) or face-to-face (as soon as deconfinement allows us to find each other). Four Alsatian Street artists joined the project, which they support and recognize both for its process of transmission and inclusion of the Other, and for the love of music. They offer you, with Ballade, several rewards to thank you for your generosity.

Ballade is a non-profit organisation under local laws of Alsace-Moselle and certified Youth and Popular Education. It was founded in 2001 by Jean-Claude Chojcan and its current president is Perrette Ourisson. The association brings populations and generations together thanks to artistic practices and especially musical ones; thereby working towards social diversity, multiculturalism and an inclusive society.

Ballade organises sociocultural actions for publics which do not have access to culture other than community culture, for economic and sociocultural reasons. With the aim to make musical practice and emotions that come with it available to all; Ballade’s activities are free and without selection.

The pedagogy used by Ballade is based on the non-formal and interactive teaching-learning of music, as well as on a “by ear” instrumental practice. This enables a more natural approach to music and suits neophyte and fragile publics.

The musical repertoire includes traditional music adapting to the specificities and needs of the target audiences. It highlights their native languages and cultures and creates a common musical, cultural and linguistic repertoire.

In order to build an inclusive society, Ballade gathers professional and amateur musicians on stage, during concerts to:

  • Encourage the will to play together and live together;
  • Highlight and share music from our various roots.

Ballade’s actions also contribute to socio-professional integration, as our music teachers are former participants of our workshops; and are helped by young people in European voluntary service and civic service, taught about pedagogy and the social role of artists by Ballade.

Artistic practice and especially music is a great way to get to know others, fraternise and build tomorrow’s society beyond communities, religions, home countries, social classes, age, genders; in order to set the example of an inclusive and tolerant Europe.

Presentation of Ballade association at RCF radio show ‘Même pas peur’:

Our actions

Educational package

The association Ballade offers openly an educational package containing a repertoire of traditional musics from here and elsewhere one can download with music sheets, audio recordings, lyrics and their translations in order to learn music by hearing. This educational package was made for any person willing to learn and/or teach music.