About us

Association history

In 2001, Ballade Association is created by Jean-Claude Chojcan, at that time traditional music teacher at the Conservatoire of Strasbourg. The association starts by organising traditional music concerts. The Fond’action Alsace awards Jean-Claude Chojcan, in 2005, for his teaching-learning pedagogy of European traditional musics based on collective instrumental practice by ear.

In 2006, the association sets up international youth exchanges enabling amateur and professional musicians from various countries to gather around music.

In 2011, Ballade launches free musical “by ear” workshops, taking place in the living spaces of target audiences (e.g.: city’s priority neighbourhoods, areas for travellers, welcoming spaces for Roma families…) to provide access to music (and to the Conservatory of Music of Strasbourg) to the most excluded people; in order to promote sociocultural diversity.

In 2014, the association starts welcoming European volunteers (EVS) along with young people in civic services, with the purpose of supporting music teachers during their musical “by ear” workshops and helping other youths understand what commitment means.

In 2015, Ballade starts working with high school students and apprentices as part of the Month of Other to fight against discriminations.

In 2018, the association sets up trainings on the role of social artist, in order to educate its music teachers about the specificities of the target audiences of Ballade’s activities.

Our Goals

Ballade is a non-profit organisation under local laws of Alsace-Moselle and certified Youth and Popular Education.

Its mission is to foster a rapprochement between populations and generations using the teaching and learning of music.

Ballade sets up sociocultural initiatives focused on music and targeting people isolated from culture (other than community culture), for economic or sociocultural reasons and in a perspective of European inclusion. Ballade’s purpose is to build an inclusive society thanks to musical practice for all.