Interventions at Le Mois de l’Autre

The Grand Est Region launched an operation named ‘Le Mois de l’Autre’ (‘month of the other’). This operation supports the realisation of actions around tolerance and respect of the others among high school students and apprentices.

Since 2015, Ballade takes action as part of the Mois de l’Autre. The association’s initiative is called ‘Racines vagabondes’ (‘Wandering roots’). Through words and music, numerous questions are raised by students :

  • What’s a foreigner, a migrant, a refugee ?
  • Don’t we all have wandering roots ?

The aims of this action are :

  • Addressing questions of roots through family histories of music teachers and students ;
  • Reflecting together on motivations and hardships that refugees can come across ;
  • Encouraging reflection on fears, phobias, prejudices and discriminations against Other ;
  • Changing views on the Other from elsewhere and on multiculturalism.