Music workshops

Since 2011, Ballade has been offering weekly workshops of traditional music designed for publics which do not have access to culture other than community culture, for economic and sociocultural reasons :

  • In the living spaces of target audiences (e.g.: city’s priority neighbourhoods, areas for travellers, welcoming spaces for homeless families…) to provide access to music to the most excluded people;
  • At the Conservatory of Music of Strasbourg in order to promote sociocultural diversity. 

The pedagogy used by Ballade association is based on the method of its founder Jean-Claude Chocjan, awarded by Fond’Action Alsace in 2005. Its distinguishing features are to be non-formal, interactive and based on instrumental practice by ear.

The musical repertoire includes traditional music adapting to the specificities and needs of the target audiences. It highlights their native languages and cultures and creates a common musical, cultural and linguistic repertoire; to help build an inclusive Europe.

Workshops are free, along with the lending of music instruments, so that everyone can benefit from it without any discrimination or selection.

Sheet music are available for free on our Google Drive.